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The FLEXFLITE flexible screw conveyor is one of the simplest, cleanest and most accurate conveyors for dry solid materials (ie powders, pellets, flakes etc.) available.

FLEXFLITE comprises a centreless flexible steel spiral encased within a semi rigid tube. The cenreless spiral is directly coupled to a geared /motor drive unit which rotates the spiral in the tube at a pre-determined speed to suit the material being conveyed. The spiral is the only moving part in contact with the material.

In addition to conveying materials, FLEXFLITE provides good metering accuracy particularly at the low to medium rate applications.
FLEXFLITE has many special features, the prime one being ‘Totally Enclosed DUST FREE’. The spiral is ‘oval ‘ in cross section, which provides a flat leading face with radiussed top and bottom edges so guaranteeing positive material movement with minimum drag.

FLEXFLITE’S spiral. In addition to being centreless and oval in section also has pitching closer than normal (approx. 70% of spiral diameter) which provides increased flexibility of the spiral when conveying around bends or changes of direction. FLEXFLITE’S combined features of coreless, oval cross-section and closer pitching enables it to operate primary at lower speeds (ie. 0-500rpm) which is mechanically beneficial, less wearing on the tube materials, lower maintenance and giving more gentile product handing.

The flexflite system comprises the following specification:

(a) Standard construction
SPIRAL; High Carbon Steel
HEAD HOUSING; Polypropylene/Mild Steel
INFEED ADAPTOR; Polypropylene/Mild Steel

(b) Food and Pharma Construction
SPIRAL; Stainless Steel (Grades 304 or 316)
TUBE; UHMW Polyethylene (White)
HEAD HOUSING; Stainless Steel (Grades 304 or 316)
INFEED ADAPTOR; Stainless Steel (Grades 304 or 316)

Any Combination of the above can be supplied, also, with rigid tubes in Polypropylene, Mild Steel, or Stainless Steel if desirable.

Special Features:

  • Oval Section Spiral
  • Shorter Pitch
  • Dust Free
  • Easy to Clean
  • Controlable
  • Contamination Free
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple Operation