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Niplast Tanks

Why Niplast tanks?
The case for Niplast thermoplastic taks is overwhelming. Their resistance to a whole spectrum of corrosive liquids is matched only by the range of temperatures they can accommodate. Niplast tanks are relative weight – reducing installation costs and handling charges and eliminating almost all maintenance, apart from regular inspection. Their longevity and many years of service male their choice the most cost-effective – eliminating expensive replacement programmes associated with other tanks types.

Every Niplast tank is manufactured individually – embracing liquid characteristics such as specific gravity and chemical compatibility together with operational requirements including safety factors, capacity and temperature. There are no limitations on manufacture as there are with standard diameter tanks, thereby allowing a unique solution for each application.
For example – dimensional restrictions dictated by location can be overcome in the design and Niplast’s manufacturing process which even allows the on-site completion of vessels if restrictions are severe. Other design parameters may include complete drainage, specific access requirements, lagging and cladding, temperature maintenance or even colour.

All Niplast tanks and fabrications can be produced to any BS colour to match existing plant or meet corporate identity requirements.
Niplast tanks range in capacity up to 100,000 litres and are manufactured from polypropylene, high density polyethylene or PVDF to the definitive West German DVS 2205 specification.